Covid19: some basic facts

  • Of admitted patients 30% will require critical care , 70% will require other healthcare
  • 50% of those hospitalised are over 70 years old
  • Dangerously low Low muscle mass and function (sarcopenia) is underlyingly more prevalent in this age group
  • Average length of stay for admitted patients is 10.4 days
  • In older people 10.4 days of hospitalisation = 10 years of muscle loss
  • Reduced physical condition delays discharge
  • A high proportion of these patients will have reduced ability to participate in activities of daily living when recovering from Covid 19
  • Don’t forget our other patients need rehabilitation too

Balance Active: some basic facts

  • To frail patients and NHS staff, Balance Active is an essential and necessary tool for both recovery and prevention
  • Designed by Physiotherapists and refined by engineers to optimise rehabilitation of patients with deconditioning, leg and trunk weakness and fatigue
  • It is low tech and low cost
  • It is portable (2 x 5kg parts) so can be used where access to equipment is prohibitive
  • It reduces the need for a second clinician /assistant, thereby optimising workforce capacity
  • It can be used in the acute and community setting
  • Clinical feedback from Physiotherapists who have used Balance Active with their patients has been very positive

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Using Balance Active during treatment gives my patients increased confidence during more challenging balance training. As a clinician I’m able to stand back and adjust input making treatment more effective. Patients also reported being happier using Balance Active.

Having Balance Active in the boot of my car gives me confidence that if I need an “extra pair of hands" in order to assess a patient I can go get it as required.

Balance Active is really useful. Perfect for me as I don’t have an assistant I can get much frailer patients “up". They feel happier and more confident to work in standing with Balance Active and are recruiting lower limb and trunk activity. I can treat patients optimally and safely.

We are using it as an extra pair of hands to enable one therapist to work with patients in standing. I’m happy to have my name associated with Balance Active.

The Balance Active enables therapists to explore and rehabilitate dynamic standing with people who have impaired balance or lower limb weakness. When using the frame I was able to facilitate alignment and posture more effectively due to stabilisation of the lower limbs by the device. The minimalist, lightweight design enables use of the Balance Active in any setting.

Balance Active physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Strong muscles and good balance play a significant role in maintaining well-being and physical ability in everyone. Older people and those who have a neurological or orthopaedic long term conditions could really benefit from using BALANCE ACTIVE ® as part of a rehabilitation or fitness programme.

Developed by Physiotherapists, Rachael Smith (MSc HCPC registered), Jayne Duffy (MSc HCPC registered) and eXyo Design ltd engineers (MEng ISO 9001), BALANCE ACTIVE ® is available to purchase. Please get in touch for prices and further details.


BALANCE ACTIVE ® is an innovative new product developed by physiotherapists and produced in collaboration with eXyo Design engineers featuring adjustable forward knee support designed to facilitate active standing and balance function.


BALANCE ACTIVE ® is a simple modular, lightweight design meaning it can easily be used in acute and community settings. It can reduce the need for two practitioners during therapy or personal care activities, thereby enhancing rehabilitation and opportunities for maximum functional gain.


BALANCE ACTIVE ® can also be used as part of a fitness programme for individuals or in group settings to enhance overall fitness and well-being.