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More happy customers

First of all we hope you and yours are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times.

We thought we’d share some exciting news with you as we face the biggest challenge to rehabilitation services since the Second World War.

Towards the end of last year we managed to get more Balance Active units out into practice and they are proving to be invaluable by making a massive difference to the people using them – service users and therapists alike!

As we predicted, they do reduce the need for a second pair of hands and enable active functional standing.
Sarah from Southport reported “I’ve used it with a lady with neurological impairment; she managed to stand and make a sandwich and a cup of tea for the first time. Both she and her husband were delighted!”

Sara from the North East told us  “I tried balance Active with a young lady with whom I’ve previously been using a rotorurn and ladder standing. With  Balance Active she  managed to actively stand without upper limb support  for 120 seconds… the first time ever!! It was a brilliant end to the year and her Mam was so emotional!”

This same young lady will be the subject of a case study in approximately 12 weeks to explore the clinically and functionally measurable differences so watch this space…

So: be brave and bold in 2021; lead the way in practice and make Balance Active part of your therapy tool kit to help patients achieve THEIR goals!